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The Place to Stand

A Most Sacred Right

The Secret American Revolution

About The Place to Stand
What Archimedes said of the mechanical powers may be applied to   reason and liberty: "Had we," he said, " a place to stand upon, we might raise the world." -- Thomas Paine

"The Place to Stand," is an epic E-Book based on that concept.

Founding Fathers CollageAmerica's founding fathers seized the lever of freedom. This handful of men gave the rest of Mankind a brief glimpse of freedom. They raised the world, if only for a golden moment. Freedom's well-meaning defenders were outwitted and outperformed by their enemies. Was that one valiant attempt mankind's last effort? There are no new worlds left.

Surveillance SatelliteAs you read this, every inch of the globe is under constant surveillance. There is a frantic scramble to close every avenue of escape from whatever is planned for man's future. There is no refuge for those not content with living as domesticated animals, blindly following the self-appointed rulers. Were a new group of men to decide to actively pursue freedom, as opposed to merely talking about it, could they find a foothold, a place to stand, from which to raise the world?  

Question: What does the richest, most intelligent man in the world do when warned that powerful forces behind the scenes of the US government and the European Community are determined to destroy him, merely because his self-reliant independence, his rationality, and his extraordinary success set a compelling example for possible imitators, while his foes are dead set on fostering dependence on ever more powerful government and on dumbing down the citizenry to unconscious subservience?

Advised to merely cut his losses, if he can, resistance being essentially impossible, his indomitable spirit refuses to submit. He is determined to find a solution.

Can there be a solution that will serve no matter what form the attack might take, whenever it may come?

If even he, with all his consummate resources, is defenseless, can there be any hope for the rest of mankind? What can he do?

Answer: That's what this book is about.

It is the story of one man's quest for the freedom that is due to every man, the freedom to control his own life and his own destiny - the freedom to be truly human.

He and a handful of like-minded individuals are determined to be free to have, do, and be all that they can have, do, and be, to live as full-fledged human beings, and not to live at the subhuman level of sheep that would follow their leader over a cliff and even believe it their duty to do so.

Their foes are nothing less than the governments of the world and those who control them. It is David against a world of Goliaths.

Theirs may well be Man's last struggle for real freedom. The future of mankind may hang in the balance.


the E-book that originated the word "Soverindi," symbol of the sovereign individual.


Size: 440,000 words - (1052 pages in MS Word, or if it were a printed book)

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