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The Place to Stand

A Most Sacred Right

The Secret American Revolution

From the first epic e-book, "The Place to Stand," comes the word "soverindi," composed of the first syllables of the words "sovereign" and "individual." These books celebrate the sovereign individual.

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The Secret American Revolution; The Sheladar Affair

A special Special Forces man, retired early because he hated doing things he felt ashamed of, pairs up with a foolishly patriotic NSA whistle blower targeted for assassination by the government supposed to protect her. Both desire to live according to their own plan, doing what they see in their best interest, as opposed to living for the benefit of others. Both are dismayed at the rapid demise of the American Dream and the American way of life; the erosion of America's once famous freedom turning the land of the free into a police state; the relentless decline of the American economy at the hands of a corrupt puppet government, and the American people's apparently complete lack of concern. They see nothing planned or even suggested to halt the rush to oblivion, much less to move things back in the right direction. Even though they ultimately arrive at a solution far easier than they expected, they still consider it essentially impossible, until –.

The duo becomes a trio with the addition of an unlikely, but like-minded newcomer. Things begin to look slightly less impossible, although still painfully difficult and dangerous. Even though the risk of doing what needs to be done is monumental, they finally decide that taking that risk is preferable to the inevitable disaster if they do nothing. As huge as they see their undertaking, it grows to be much, much greater than they dreamed. Success will require a miraculous strategy. They need a lot of help and a lot of armament, but the moment they start to recruit people or arms, big brother, who, today, hears all and sees all, will find out, and it will be all over. What are they to do? How are they to do it?

Read it and see. Timely, in light of the current situation and the global unrest. Ideas for goals/demands to prevent intentionally leaving the frying pan for the fire, which seems to be a predominant characteristic of humans when things get rough. If you don't know why things are the way they are, a viable solution is unlikely. It's like writing an essay answer for a test, without knowing the question--quite likely to be the wrong answer. 

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The Place to Stand

What Archimedes said of the mechanical powers may be applied to reason and liberty: "Had we," he said,” a place to stand upon, we might raise the world." Thomas Paine

This book is the epic story of a quest for The Place to Stand in order to move the world using the lever of individual freedom. This may well be Man's last struggle for real freedom. The window of opportunity is closing fast. The future of mankind may hang in the balance.

Clinton Randolph's high IQ helped him rise from nowhere to become the wealthiest individual in the world.  As idealistic as he was intelligent and rich, he refused to buy favors from corrupt politicians, but he succeeded in spite of government opposition. A former insider warns him that the Power Elite behind the government has targeted him for destruction. They consider him a dangerous example to others because of his fierce independence, his libertarian philosophy, and his astronomical success, achieved against all odds by simply providing the best product for the best price.

His enemies have the world's governments, with their courts and arsenals, to use against him. He has his wealth, his intellect, and his indomitable spirit, yearning for the freedom that is the birthright of every human: the freedom to control his own life and his own destiny - the freedom to be truly human. If he fights by their rules on their playing field, he is doomed. He must find another way. If he, with all his resources,  is defenseless, can there be any hope for the rest of mankind? What can he do? Read The Place to Stand and find out.

1030 pages; 438,000 words. Read more about The Place to Stand

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A Most Sacred Right

“Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better.  This is a most valuable, a most sacred right--a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world." ----- Abraham Lincoln

An ambitious young man whose "mother" found him, as a newborn, in a pile of trash; an environmental activist and her parents; a political writer; an ex-CIA deep-cover operative; a professor of economics and one of psychology; a constitutional scholar; a librarian; and two movie stars  share a common fear; a common enemy; a common desperation; a common goal; and common plan to achieve the uncommon. Their rights  are disappearing into nothingness; their privacy is a thing of the past; their every move is observed and recorded; and hundreds of thousands of human lives  are callously extinguished and millions more destroyed, in their name. Their own money is being used against them. They are even forced to pay for their own oppression. The deteriorating situation in America hasn't a prayer of improving, because the majority of the people are unaware, don't care, or are too lethargic to act.  Unwilling to have their lives at the mercy of such people, they seek a viable solution. Realizing that working within the system is futile, they are set out to rally as many like-minded people as they can and leave the system. Naturally, the establishment has other ideas.  The War Between the States ended the last attempt to leave the Union. If they are to succeed, the price of stopping them must be so high the federal government is unwilling or unable to pay it.  An idea whose time has come.

356 pages. 193,000 words. Read more about The Most Sacred Right.

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