Fully realizing the essentially complete futility of the effort,‭ ‬I take keyboard in hand to record my musing on the state of the world‭; ‬why it is the way it is‭; ‬the possibility of changing the way it is for the better‭; ‬and more realistically the possibility of the minority that wants to live free being able to do so,‭ ‬even though it is a minority.‭ ‬That might seem to be setting my sights high,‭ ‬but one can never hit any higher than one aims.‭ ‬Why set limits‭? ‬My ability should be limit enough. I will post mostly commentary on the above topics ‬and links to articles I would wish someone had sent me,‭ ‬if I had missed them.

I certainly don’t expect multitude of followers,‭ ‬although that would be acceptable,‭ ‬but I have a cadre of friends,‭ ‬family,‭ ‬and acquaintances that may read it.‭ ‬The nice thing about writing,‭ ‬as opposed to speaking,‭ ‬is that you can’t be interrupted.‭ ‬Besides,‭ ‬nothing orders your thoughts like putting them on paper‭ — ‬or on the Internet.‭ ‬I just want to be an idea provider,‭ ‬and hopefully a leader or few,‭ ‬with the necessary stamina will handle the implementation. .

The above was the initial post in my first sally into the blogosphere on August 18, 2016, via Wordpress. While Wordpress makes posting easy, I was unhappy with it and closed down. Finding a more independent way of going online, I decided to set forth again writing my own pages, and here I am, for what it's worth.