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The Place to Stand

 What Archimedes said of the mechanical powers may be applied to reason and liberty: "Had we," he said, " a place to stand upon, we might raise the world." -- Thomas Paine

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This book is the epic story of a quest for The Place to Stand in order to move the world using the lever of individual freedom. This may well be Man's last struggle for real freedom. The future of mankind may hang in the balance. 

Clinton Randolph's high IQ helped him rise from nowhere to become the wealthiest individual in the world.  As idealistic as he was intelligent and rich, he refused to buy favors from corrupt politicians, but he succeeded in spite of government opposition. A former insider warns him that the Power Elite behind the government has targeted him for destruction. They consider him a dangerous example to others because of his fierce independence, his libertarian philosophy, and his astronomical success, achieved against all odds by simply providing the best product for the best price.

His enemies have the world's governments, with their courts and arsenals, to use against him. He has his wealth, his intellect, and his indomitable spirit, yearning for the freedom that is the birthright of every human: the freedom to control his own life and his own destiny - the freedom to be truly human. If he fights by their rules on their playing field, he is doomed. He must find another way. If he, with all his resources,  is defenseless, can there be any hope for the rest of mankind? What can he do?

 1030 pages; 438,000 words.

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A Most Sacred Right

Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable - a most sacred right - a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world -- Abraham Lincoln

amsr_coverA young man, whose "mother" found him, as a newborn, abandoned in a pile of trash; an environmental activist and her parents; a political writer; an ex-CIA deep-cover operative; a professor of economics and one of psychology; a constitutional scholar; an FBI agent; a librarian; and two movie stars are united by a common fear; a common enemy; a common desperation; a common goal; and finally, by a common plan to achieve the uncommon. They see their rights disappearing into nothingness; their privacy a thing of the past; their every move observed and recorded; and hundreds of thousands of human lives callously extinguished and millions more destroyed, in their name. They see young people, who might be the hope of the future, sent instead to die for the benefit of a rich and powerful few. They see those who purport to love their fellow man, but are the first to want to kill him. They see those who surely love their children, but send them to a senseless death in a conflict contrived for the benefit of parties unknown to them. All these evils are unacceptable to them. They want out.

At first, they wonder if it is possible for them to ever regain their rights, to ever retain the fruits of their labor, and to ever save the lives that are being wasted, at least the lives of those nearest and dearest to them. Alarmed by the rapid march toward all out tyranny in their country and the high-tech surveillance being installed to reinforce it; dismayed that the vast majority of the people are oblivious or unconcerned; concluding that there is no hope that enough people could be made aware of the problems, less hope that they would ever be concerned about them, and far less hope that they would ever act to improve things, they are determined to take the control of their fate away from the disconnected majority. The situation appears hopeless. The government is too evil and too powerful. The vast majority of the people either don't see what is happening, or they see it and don't care. All the cards seem stacked against them.

Nevertheless, the characters in this book refuse to lie down and die. Nor are they going to stand as deer in the headlights, watching disaster coming at them. They know that, sprinkled among the mindless robots, there have to be numerous like-minded people. They will find them, and, together, they will do whatever it takes. Their goal could not be more important. The odds against them could not be greater. They will not sit and wait for "something" to happen. They embark on an all or nothing gamble for their freedom to live as they know men were meant to live: as sovereign individuals. Like Hannibal, facing the impossible task of moving his army across the Alps, they will either find a way, or they will make one. They have a right to be free; it is a most sacred right.

345 pages, 193,000 words

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 The Secret American Revolution: The Sheladar Affair

tsamr_coverShe is a whistleblower, targeted for death and believed dead. He is an ex-special forces man that rescues her and nurses her back to health. Both are desperate at seeing their beloved country conquered from within. No one is doing anything to reverse or even slow the downward trend. Elections are a farce. The mainstream media is a propaganda factory. Our protectors have become our greatest threat. The economy is in shambles and seemingly on purpose. Is it possible to liberate America from those that have overthrown her government? Anyone organizing to take America back instantly becomes the target and the victim of the greatest military and surveillance forces in history. When our two patriots recruit a most unlikely ally, they become optimistic about regaining lost freedoms, without openly confronting the government’s massive machinery. The task would be extremely difficult, dangerous, expensive, and, unfortunately, apt to fail. Their success is their only hope. They have no choice

318 pages, 159,000 words

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Soverindi, the word,  originated in the e-book, The Place to Stand, and was created by joining the first first two syllables of the words sovereign and individual. You may take that as indicative of a bias in favor of personal liberty.

More to Come is about to branch out beyond just the free e-books, with the goal of using the techniques used in those books and others under way, to accomplish the same goals they accomplished in the books: allowing freedom lovers to live free. Check back.

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