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Today’s Links

Today’s Links

Assad interviewed on RT, Full Interviewa 26 minute video from RT – “In an interview to RT, the Syrian President warned against taking statements by western governments at face value, as in Aleppo, they seemed to care more about saving terrorists than civilians. He also slammed the lackluster reaction to ISIS’s onslaught on Palmyra.”  Most of what I have heard about Assad is bad, but as that information comes from the governments of the U.S.,  the U.K. and other NATO nations, until proven correct, one must assume it to be false. Therefore, barring new  information to the contrary and since all Assad says rings true, I’ll take what he says as accurate. Compare it with the next link.

‘You haven’t succeeded once’: Reporter grills US State Dept over failures in Syria a 6 minute video from RT – Even if the U.S. government didn’t have an iron-clad reputation for lying, and even if one had no previous reason to doubt anything the U.S. said, just watching him, you would bet ten to one that he’s lying.

You Now Have a Shorter Attention Span Than a Goldfishfrom Time – Interesting, but then there is this: Another modern myth: Shrinking attention spansfrom the Genetic Literacy Project – Just to emphasize that there are two or more sides to everything. Then, too, they both could be right, couldn’t they?

A tale of Putin, the hero, in Dresdena 6 minute video from Inessa S – from an interview with a former KGB officer.  Seems consistent with his popular image. Not something you would believe any western leader capable of.

Today’s links

Today’s links

The Cultural Enrichment of Germanya 6 minute video by Paul Joseph Watson – the “cultural enrichment” the German government promised the German people would result from the hundreds of thousands of muslim immigrants. Instead, they got cultural impoverishment. The German government is the German people’s worst enemy. Nothing new or unusual there.

Europe: The Next Yugoslavia a 4 minute video from the Black Pigeon – A distinct possibility. The author sees the destruction Europe underway, with obvious parallels to the destruction of Yugoslavia. Only in this case, I would say the governments of the EU nations appear to be complicit in the plot. Imagine my shock.

Dozens DEAD, Nearly 10,000 Hospitalized From MYSTERIOUS Chemical ATTACKan 8 minute video from Mary Greely – Make that suspected Chemical attack. I was suspicious when I saw the event in Australia. Now another in Kuwait. The official story is that thunderstorms caused the pollen in the air to swell and burst into nano particles causing immediate violent reactions. Sounds like BS to me. When it is pouring down rain, the particles in the air get wet and are washed onto the ground. Unless they have found a way to make the opposite to occur. When you know the establishment is prone to lying, you must look askance at anything they say, especially when it sounds illogical.

Swastika-looking snowflakes pop up at Latvian Xmas marketa 38 second video from Russia Today – Some are critical. Balderdash. This is a non-issue and foolish nonsense. In the first place they are not really swastikas, any more than a peace symbol, a wheel, and a smiley are circles. The swastika was a symbol of the Hopi Indians in North America long before the first world war, much less the second. Some people don’t have enough sense to come in from the rain. Certainly billions of crimes, including millions of murders, are, in one way or another, connected to the dollar sign ($.) See how many kinds of crime you can come up with that have gaining dollars as the motive. Compared to the number of crimes related to the dollar sign, those related to the swastika pale. I suspect no one, particularly those complaining about the swastikas, would turn down a suitcase full of hundred dollar bills because of this correlation. With a little thought, many other similar correlations could be found. Grow up complainers. Learn a new word: priority.

Merkel Promises To Rid Internet Of Alternative Media from – She must think the German people are mindless robots. She doesn’t even bother to cover up her motives. She says Alternative Media make it hard to control the herd. Public opinion is being swayed from establishment propaganda. Opinions aren’t formed the way they were 25 years ago. All that is true. The truth does make it hard for a lying government to control. Twenty-five years ago, the establishment story was all we got. Now, the truth is coming out on the internet and that would sway public opinion. Of course, there are weird websites, but intelligent people pay no more attention to them than they would the establishment BS. Needless to say, Merkel is not alone in wanting to silence the truth-sayers. Every government liar wants the same. You can identify them by their stance on this matter.

Donbass Flashmob at the Donetsk train stationa 3 minute video from Russia Insider – A flashmob like you have never seen. Of course, Donbass (Ukraine) is hardly the place you expect a conventional flashmob. No applause at the end either. The matter is too serious for that. 

Today’s Links

Today’s Links

EU votes for citizens to fund their own brainwashingfrom RT – as if they hadn’t been paying for it all along.   Good article for seeing how governments—especially western governments—accuse others of what they, themselves, do routinely. Russia doesn’t have to make an effort to get people to refer to sources like RT and Sputnik. Anyone who wants to know what’s going on in the world has to go to these sources, because they are the most credible. Their easily discounted pro-Russian slant is mild compared to the garbage the U.S. presstitutes purvey.

It looks like a new and better government for Francefrom Moscow Times – In this article they are most interested in relations with Russia, but most things almost have to be better if either Fillon or le Pen win. Believe it when you see it.

“Fake News” Fizzles on Arrival from the Unz Review – one of many articles on one of the most obvious attempts in history by plundering governments to keep the truth from the masses. I think the only ones not on the floor laughing at the childish ploy are the presstitutes charged with spreading it.

THE EMPIRE’S LAST GASP – ANGLO-AMERICAN JOURNALISM CHOKES ON ITS OWN DIGITAL MODELfrom John Helmer  – this is an article concerning the source of the list of “fake news” sites that the presstitute new outlets have been praising. It appears to have less reason to believe it than any of the sites it attacks.

Liberty: Some Highlights and Lowlights of the Past 500 Years – from Tom Woods – This is hardly news, but if you want to know a little about what has gone on, as far as liberty  is concerned, in the last 500 years, you might enjoy this 71 minute video, which is audio only. Once they get going it is surprisingly interesting. Not like your average history teacher.

Juncker ORDERS Europe: Don’t hold any more referendums as voters will choose to LEAVE – from Daily Express – If they had been able to have referendums to join the EU, there would have been no EU. The EU is not only another layer of plundering government, it is an unelected government whose primary reason for existence is to destroy all feelings of nationalism (not working all that well at that either) and to, after that is accomplished, merge into a one world government. When that is done, there will be no place to hide, and they won’t have to be so nice any longer. Just hope that Putin is really against that, and they are not playing “good guy/bad guy” like the police interrogators we see in the movies.

Today’s Links

Today’s Links

South Korea’s Historic “One Million People Protest” to Oust Washington’s Puppet President Park Geun-hyefrom Global Research – Most non-koreans probably haven’t heard about the million people protesting in South Korea, and those who have probably have heard that a corruption scandal involving a person close to the president is the cause. That scandal is but the straw that broke the camel’s back. This article lists some of the other reasons for the protests, touches on involvement of the U.S., and covers some  of the reasons for the anti-American sentiment on the part of the citizens. It might be entertaining to consider why the western media generally concentrates on the less important corruption scandal and overlooks the actions of the Park government listed as reasons for public discontent.

Navy’s New $4 Billion Stealth Warship Breaks Down (Again) from Zero Hedge – just a thought, but sounds reasonable: Everything the Pentagon buys would probably cost a small fraction of the current price if the vendors were forbidden to lobby (i.e. bribe) congress and the media to drum up wars,  hot and cold.  Not only that, but there wouldn’t be wars and the weapons would not be required. But  then how can we expect the guys getting the bribes  to outlaw them? Of  course not.

How Much Money Have Humans Created? a 5 minute video from Visual Capitalist – This video compares the world’s richest people, the biggest companies, physical currency, the gold market, the stock market, global debt, and other things to give you a sense of the size of how much money actually exists.

John Whitehead – The War Against the American People a 9 minute video from Liberty Pen – Attorney and author John W. Whitehead talks about his book, “Battlefield America, The War Against the American People.”

‘We are at war with Russia’: EU Parliament approves resolution to counter Russian media ‘propaganda’– a 6 minute video from RT – MEPs in Strasbourg have voted on a non-legislative resolution which calls for the EU to “respond to information warfare by Russia.” RT and Sputnik news agency have been named among the most dangerous “tools of Russian propaganda.” 1984 is with us in full force. War is Peace. Tyranny is Freedom. Truth is propaganda.

Matt Lee crushes Rear Admiral Kirby: If Iran deal is a success, why missile defense in Europe? a 2 minute video from Russia Insider – When you lie all the time, you have to be careful that one lie doesn’t expose another lie. This is an example of that happening. The missiles in Eastern Europe are a defense against Iranian missiles. The agreement with Iran makes defense against  Iranian missiles unnecessary.

The Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, and “Limited Government” a 35 minute video from Tom Woods TV – Bill Watkins joins Tom Woods to discuss both the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation, and what the light of history can tell us about each. And they can tell us plenty, virtually none of which you will ever learn in any university, much less in a public school.  That makes you wonder why the true history of how we got the government we have is kept from us, and we are fed propaganda. Hmmmmmm.


Today’s Links

Today’s Links

Trump, Putin Speak on Telephone; Vow to Improve Relations –  from the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity – Only the two  men and the NSA know exactly what they said. We can but hope that these two can and will ratchet back the current dangerous situation and restore some sanity to international relations. Most of the work is Trump’s to perform, and the author is correct in being nervous when gruesome neocons such as John Bolton are heard being proposed for high level positions in the Trump administration. So far, I have seen no one in the Trump team proposing Bolton for anything. I have seen that he was suggested by the National Review. No surprise there.  Should Trump appoint Bolton or anyone of his ilk to any position, those who voted for him will have been hoodwinked, yet again.

Trump Likely to ‘Bargain’ With Moscow Over Sanctionsfrom Sputnik – This seems to be a no-brainer. Trump is famous for being a deal maker. But we can hope he will also know that a win-win deal is the only kind that doesn’t leave hard feelings on one side. Putin is no slouch at making deals, so we should expect a good deal, assuming Trump is what he seems to be.

Kremlin comments on Russia’s decision not to ratify International Criminal Court Statute from Tass – Good. Russia should breathe a sigh of relief that they didn’t ratify and make themselves subject to a criminal court run by politics instead of a  sense of justice. The U.S. didn’t sign up for it either,  but probably because they feared it might sometimes actually do the right thing.

Why the Electoral College Is Great, and No One Should Even Think About Abolishing ItTom Woods – a 34 minute video – Since almost no one in America understands the benefits of the electoral college, it could be that sooner or later it will be abolished, to our great detriment. And no one will know why things are so bad.

UK “Researchers”: Tax Food to Reduce Climate Change from Watts Up With That – Hats off to Watts Up With That for the BS alert. You can be sure the “experts” know which side their bread is buttered on. In such reports, you get what you pay for. Of course, when the dust settles, the taxpayers pay for it all—their own plunder.

Donald Trump and the U.N.: Signs of Clashing Views on Many Issuesfrom The New York Times – Gee. Who would think that there would be disagreement between those whose goal is to destroy the sovereignty of individual nations and a man whose goal is to preserve his nation’s sovereignty. Duh.

Today’s Links

Today’s Links

Sweden All Time Snow Record Broken & Asia -50 F Below Normal Temperaturesfrom Investment Watch Blog – NOAA backtracks on warm winter forecast for Europe and Asia as record snow blankets Stockholm, Sweden and -50F below normal temperatures across central Asia. Japan below normal temperatures and 75% of oceans across the planet are cooling as well. – Isn’t global warming a bear. Just think how cold it would be without it.

The Euro Is Murdering Europe from New Eastern Outlook – “The Euro is murdering the nations and economies of the EU quite literally. Since the fixed currency regime came into effect, replacing national currencies in transactions in 2002, the fixed exchange rate regime has devastated industry in the periphery states of the 19 Euro members while giving disproportionate benefit to Germany. The consequence has been a little-noted industrial contraction and lack of possibility to deal with resulting banking crises. The Euro is a monetarist disaster and the EU dissolution is now pre-programmed as just one consequence.” – the refugees aren’t exactly helping either.

Trump warns that by attacking Assad, US will ‘end up fighting Russia’ from RT – So not being a neocon warmonger, Trump says the U.S. shouldn’t attack Assad. Of course, the current batch of vermin in power disagree. Oh, it’s a long, long time from now to January 20.

Zhirinovsky slams Europeans: If it were not for Russia, you would end up in Nazi concentration camps from Russia Insider – This is an old video from 1999. I only post  it because some call him the Russian Trump. I can see why.

Propaganda for tots: Children’s program on German radio accuses Putin of war crimesfrom RT – if this program has advertisers, a boycott should be organized against them. Of course, they may be financed by the CIA.

Today’s Links

Today’s Links

New York Times publisher vows to ‘rededicate’ paper to reporting honestlyfrom Fox News – After promising that the paper would “reflect” on its coverage of this year’s election while rededicating itself to reporting on “America and the world” honestly, they proved otherwise by saying they had reported on both candidates fairly. Apparently, they felt they had to beg forgiveness for most people with at least one working brain cell would call blatant propaganda. Just couldn’t bring themselves to mean it.

All you need to know about the Italian Constitutional Referendum – from The Constitution Unit – Not quite all you need to know. Italian PM Renzi, like 99% of all politicians, wants to make it easier to make laws,  whether the people agree with him or not. Personally, I think all governments make more than enough laws now, especially the kind that infringe on the people’s rights. The harder it is to make laws, the better. If the Italians are wise, they will defeat the referendum and count themselves blessed to have a say in anything in today’s anti-freedom atmosphere.

Why celebrity endorsements didn’t help Hillary at allfrom Page Six – Celebrity endorsements shouldn’t have any influence on anything you do, much less on who you vote for. Nothing is more entertaining than a cage full of monkeys, but only an idiot would look to them for political advice.  Why should entertaining humans necessarily be any different?

Trump elected as President – risks and opportunities – from the Saker – a sensible assessment of Trumps chances of working with Russia and China to avoid war and pursue peace.

Donald Trump’s forgotten man – Judge Andrew Napolitano – A two minute video on why Trump won.

Russia to help Italy recover as ‘EU fails to provide aid for quake hit country’from RT – Imagine my shock. 🙂 The Italian military is to be deployed to a region of the country hit by a powerful earthquake last week. Soldiers will be protecting cultural heritage sites from looting. That’s after a 17th-century oil painting was stolen from a damaged church. Following a number of earthquakes over the past few months, EU officials have promised to provide any assistance needed, to be delivered no doubt by flying pigs.

Angela Merkel Warns Russia May Interfere In German Electionfrom Zero Hedge –

Elections 101

from Sputnik


Today’s Links

Today’s Links

Chinese Doctor grows new ear on a man’s ARM to restore his hearingfrom Daily Mail – The move from arm to head in about four months. Good luck.

The Working Class Won The Election — Paul Craig Roberts – A cogent assessment of why Trump won and whether he will be able to make good on his promises.

EU Follows ‘Emperor With No Clothes’ NATO Into Anachronism from Sputnik -The NATO alliance is an anachronism and its dissolution will soon be followed by the EU, Polish commentator and former politician Mariusz Olszewski told Sputnik Polska.

Trump’s Victory Ushers in Dangerous Instabilityfrom Spiegel Online – An example of an ad hominem attack. (An ad hominem argument is one that is used to counter another argument; but, it is based on feelings or prejudice, rather than facts, reason or logic. It is often a personal attack on one’s character rather than an attempt to address the issue at hand.)  Other than that, not much reason to read it.

Chinese, Russian officials at head of Interpol for 1st time from RT – Why not? They are probably as law-abiding as any and more than some.

Donald Trump’s US election victory ‘could put future of NATO at risk‘ – from Daily Express – This is good news. The purpose of NATO was to counter a very remote threat from the Warsaw Pact, which is long gone. NATO is now about as necessary as are buggy whips. It conjures up a Russian threat to obscure its uselessness and prevent its termination. It gets plenty of help in its propaganda campaign from the military-industrial complex which makes billions fomenting fear and hate. Member governments like the baseless fear which is an excuse for curtailing ever more personal freedoms of their citizens.  It is very possible that NATO would create a false flag attack and start World War Three if it thought it was about to be dissolved. Such a move by NATO is probably more likely than any unprovoked attack by Russia or anyone else.


Today’s Links

Today’s Links

On the March to WAR

On Russian TV, American pundit Michael Bohm FINALLY tells the truth about the US foreign policya 6 minute video – Russian with English subtitles – see how Russians, most non-Americans, and those Americans that have abandoned the mainstream media see the U.S. government’s foreign policy.

Russia Moves into Survival Modea 15 minute video – Every alert, more than semi-conscious person on earth is or should be worried about the U.S. and NATO starting a war with Russia and maybe China too. Since Russia is hardly likely to make a preemptive strike, a false flag event is the probable method. Trump may be the only hope, which may be the reason the establishment is united against him. Of course, it is hard to believe in anything or anyone related to any government, except the already proven evils. The whole election debacle may be a psyop.

Putin Exposes Blatant Western Hypocrisya 6 minute video – on fighting terrorists in Aleppo and Mosul

NATO Threatens Putina 35 minute video – by amassing a massive force on Russia’s border.  The European people, the American people, and the Russian people don’t want war. The people never want war, yet  their governments take them to war, proving that the governments that foster war don’t give a damn about their citizens. One of the many arguments against governments.

Today’s Links

Today’s Links

Not many today, for they are time consuming.

Forget the FBI cache; the Podesta emails show how America is runfrom The Guardian – It’s one big club and you aren’t in it. It is  much as we have long suspected, only worse.

By Cooperating With Washington On Syria Russia Walked Into A TrapPaul Craig Roberts – Fool me once…

Peter Thiel’s FULL Speech Supporting Trump at National Press Club – October 31, 2016 a 13 minute video – Perhaps the most cogent argument for any candidate made in this election  circus.  If there has been a more intelligent one, I’d love to see it. If you want to see the whole hour long event, including the 45 minute question and answer session, click here.

Paul Craig Roberts: Russia Will Nuke Europe And The US (if the west keeps threatening to attack her) – a 45 minute video – Long video, but well worth the time,  especially for those in the west who get their misinformation from the captive media presstitutes. If you aren’t worried, you don’t know what is going on.

Fraction Magic, a Program  That Gives Complete Control of Election Results – a 24-min video  – perhaps a tad hard to follow at times, but to the computer savvy, it will be clear enough. A real-time demo of the most devastating election theft mechanism yet found, with context and explanation. Demonstration uses a real voting system and real vote databases and takes place in seconds across multiple jurisdictions. Over 5000 subcontractors and middlemen have the access to perform this for any or all clients. It can give contract signing authority to whoever the user chooses. All political power can be converted to the hands of a few anonymous subcontractors. It’s a product. It’s scaleable. It learns its environment and can adjust to any political environment, any demographic. It runs silently, invisibly, and can produce plausible results that really pass for the real thing.