Why Archimedes?

Everyone who has played with a much smaller someone on a seesaw or teeter totter, knows that if the larger, heavier one sits all the way at the end of his side, he or she will go straight to the ground and the lighter one, as high as possible. So, the heavier one moves toward the center,  until the desired up/down motion is possible. Most people may know this, but don’t think much about it.

Some 22 centuries ago, Archimedes thought a lot about that. Being the greatest mathematician and inventor then or for a long time afterward, he figured out the mathematics of  it. If the weight of one participant times the distance from the fulcrum (center) is the same for both, they will balance each other. When the weight of one, times his distance from the center is greater than the other, that side will go down.  Archimedes said Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

Obviously, no matter how true Archimedes statement was, no one is going to move the earth, not physically. However, it is possible to move the world, figuratively, meaning change the way things happen on our home planet.

“With the internet as a powerful lever; the computer as an instrumental fulcrum; the earth as all that is familiar to us in everyday life: What leverage does the Internet afford? What powers of the user will it multiply?” —- Anders Hektor in What’s the Use ?: Internet and Information Behavior in Everyday Life

Over the last two millennia, mankind has made enormous progress as far as science and technology are concerned.  Think from Archimedes to Elon Musk.  If we are to believe the evidence of the literature throughout the same period, precious little progress has been made in Man’s ability to get along and live together doing no harm to each other.  It is time something was done about that.  This Archimedes will in a free-style manner investigate this situation and attempt to come up with suggestions for remedying it. Wish him luck.