Today’s links

Today’s links

The Cultural Enrichment of Germanya 6 minute video by Paul Joseph Watson – the “cultural enrichment” the German government promised the German people would result from the hundreds of thousands of muslim immigrants. Instead, they got cultural impoverishment. The German government is the German people’s worst enemy. Nothing new or unusual there.

Europe: The Next Yugoslavia a 4 minute video from the Black Pigeon – A distinct possibility. The author sees the destruction Europe underway, with obvious parallels to the destruction of Yugoslavia. Only in this case, I would say the governments of the EU nations appear to be complicit in the plot. Imagine my shock.

Dozens DEAD, Nearly 10,000 Hospitalized From MYSTERIOUS Chemical ATTACKan 8 minute video from Mary Greely – Make that suspected Chemical attack. I was suspicious when I saw the event in Australia. Now another in Kuwait. The official story is that thunderstorms caused the pollen in the air to swell and burst into nano particles causing immediate violent reactions. Sounds like BS to me. When it is pouring down rain, the particles in the air get wet and are washed onto the ground. Unless they have found a way to make the opposite to occur. When you know the establishment is prone to lying, you must look askance at anything they say, especially when it sounds illogical.

Swastika-looking snowflakes pop up at Latvian Xmas marketa 38 second video from Russia Today – Some are critical. Balderdash. This is a non-issue and foolish nonsense. In the first place they are not really swastikas, any more than a peace symbol, a wheel, and a smiley are circles. The swastika was a symbol of the Hopi Indians in North America long before the first world war, much less the second. Some people don’t have enough sense to come in from the rain. Certainly billions of crimes, including millions of murders, are, in one way or another, connected to the dollar sign ($.) See how many kinds of crime you can come up with that have gaining dollars as the motive. Compared to the number of crimes related to the dollar sign, those related to the swastika pale. I suspect no one, particularly those complaining about the swastikas, would turn down a suitcase full of hundred dollar bills because of this correlation. With a little thought, many other similar correlations could be found. Grow up complainers. Learn a new word: priority.

Merkel Promises To Rid Internet Of Alternative Media from – She must think the German people are mindless robots. She doesn’t even bother to cover up her motives. She says Alternative Media make it hard to control the herd. Public opinion is being swayed from establishment propaganda. Opinions aren’t formed the way they were 25 years ago. All that is true. The truth does make it hard for a lying government to control. Twenty-five years ago, the establishment story was all we got. Now, the truth is coming out on the internet and that would sway public opinion. Of course, there are weird websites, but intelligent people pay no more attention to them than they would the establishment BS. Needless to say, Merkel is not alone in wanting to silence the truth-sayers. Every government liar wants the same. You can identify them by their stance on this matter.

Donbass Flashmob at the Donetsk train stationa 3 minute video from Russia Insider – A flashmob like you have never seen. Of course, Donbass (Ukraine) is hardly the place you expect a conventional flashmob. No applause at the end either. The matter is too serious for that. 

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