Today’s Links

Today’s Links

New York Times publisher vows to ‘rededicate’ paper to reporting honestlyfrom Fox News – After promising that the paper would “reflect” on its coverage of this year’s election while rededicating itself to reporting on “America and the world” honestly, they proved otherwise by saying they had reported on both candidates fairly. Apparently, they felt they had to beg forgiveness for most people with at least one working brain cell would call blatant propaganda. Just couldn’t bring themselves to mean it.

All you need to know about the Italian Constitutional Referendum – from The Constitution Unit – Not quite all you need to know. Italian PM Renzi, like 99% of all politicians, wants to make it easier to make laws,  whether the people agree with him or not. Personally, I think all governments make more than enough laws now, especially the kind that infringe on the people’s rights. The harder it is to make laws, the better. If the Italians are wise, they will defeat the referendum and count themselves blessed to have a say in anything in today’s anti-freedom atmosphere.

Why celebrity endorsements didn’t help Hillary at allfrom Page Six – Celebrity endorsements shouldn’t have any influence on anything you do, much less on who you vote for. Nothing is more entertaining than a cage full of monkeys, but only an idiot would look to them for political advice.  Why should entertaining humans necessarily be any different?

Trump elected as President – risks and opportunities – from the Saker – a sensible assessment of Trumps chances of working with Russia and China to avoid war and pursue peace.

Donald Trump’s forgotten man – Judge Andrew Napolitano – A two minute video on why Trump won.

Russia to help Italy recover as ‘EU fails to provide aid for quake hit country’from RT – Imagine my shock. 🙂 The Italian military is to be deployed to a region of the country hit by a powerful earthquake last week. Soldiers will be protecting cultural heritage sites from looting. That’s after a 17th-century oil painting was stolen from a damaged church. Following a number of earthquakes over the past few months, EU officials have promised to provide any assistance needed, to be delivered no doubt by flying pigs.

Angela Merkel Warns Russia May Interfere In German Electionfrom Zero Hedge –

Elections 101

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