Today’s Links

Today’s Links

Chinese Doctor grows new ear on a man’s ARM to restore his hearingfrom Daily Mail – The move from arm to head in about four months. Good luck.

The Working Class Won The Election — Paul Craig Roberts – A cogent assessment of why Trump won and whether he will be able to make good on his promises.

EU Follows ‘Emperor With No Clothes’ NATO Into Anachronism from Sputnik -The NATO alliance is an anachronism and its dissolution will soon be followed by the EU, Polish commentator and former politician Mariusz Olszewski told Sputnik Polska.

Trump’s Victory Ushers in Dangerous Instabilityfrom Spiegel Online – An example of an ad hominem attack. (An ad hominem argument is one that is used to counter another argument; but, it is based on feelings or prejudice, rather than facts, reason or logic. It is often a personal attack on one’s character rather than an attempt to address the issue at hand.)  Other than that, not much reason to read it.

Chinese, Russian officials at head of Interpol for 1st time from RT – Why not? They are probably as law-abiding as any and more than some.

Donald Trump’s US election victory ‘could put future of NATO at risk‘ – from Daily Express – This is good news. The purpose of NATO was to counter a very remote threat from the Warsaw Pact, which is long gone. NATO is now about as necessary as are buggy whips. It conjures up a Russian threat to obscure its uselessness and prevent its termination. It gets plenty of help in its propaganda campaign from the military-industrial complex which makes billions fomenting fear and hate. Member governments like the baseless fear which is an excuse for curtailing ever more personal freedoms of their citizens.  It is very possible that NATO would create a false flag attack and start World War Three if it thought it was about to be dissolved. Such a move by NATO is probably more likely than any unprovoked attack by Russia or anyone else.


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